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The establishment of the Phelps Family Medicine Residency Program was a labor of great love for the many wonderful and conscientious healthcare leaders who put their collective shoulder to the wheel in order to make this achievement possible.


The creation of the first family medicine residency in New York since 1995 is a significant, even hopeful sign given the urgent need for more family doctors and other primary care physicians that exists in this country.

While this is certainly good news, this must be reinforced with a consistent, broad effort to help correct the huge imbalance in the ratio of primary care physicians to specialists that has resulted in a critical shortage, indeed, a crisis that will likely grow even more severe in the next few years.

What is clear is that the need for more family physicians is vital to the transformation taking place in our healthcare system today.

Family physicians often care for their patients over many years, in the process gaining a thorough understanding of their medical histories including family and community factors that may contribute to a variety of diseases.  With a comprehensive knowledge of the patient’s medical and social history over time, the family physician can often diagnose and treat the patient within the context of their situation, family and community, thereby contributing to better clinical outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

The future of healthcare in America is being defined with every passing day.  The contest of ideas being waged will have a dramatic effect on the way we provide medical care in the U.S. and who will be able to receive it.  These very principles, of course, are the ones that have brought us together here and now on this very website.  Our fundamental goal is to provide you with the best possible education in family medicine through a curriculum that not only grows your skills, but your leadership abilities as well.

The Phelps Family Medicine Residency Program is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional educational experience that will serve you well in your career as a family doctor.  We hope your bright future will begin here in this unique, imaginative, program!

We greatly look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person very soon.

Shantie Harkisoon, MD

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