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You may have heard of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but until you’ve spent time in this community, it’s difficult to imagine the exquisite tapestry of sights, sounds, tastes and smells you’ll find just about everywhere you set foot along this picturesque part of the Hudson River Valley.

A Heavenly Stretch of the Hudson
There is quite simply so much to see and do in picturesque Westchester County alone that you may quickly find yourself thinking beyond the three years of your residency.  It’s the kind of place, with its strong community spirit, great schools and rich cultural diversity, many have found hard to leave.  The scores of towns that connect along the Hudson Valley are distinctive and incredibly quaint, the people friendly and welcoming.

If you’re into nature at all, the magnificent beauty of Westchester County offers you a lifetime of outdoor activities to satisfy the soul.  The 1400-acre Rockefeller State Park Preserve, literally steps away from Phelps Hospital, is sublime; one of the most pristine landscapes any hiker, biker, horseback-rider or cross-country skier could ever hope for.

That’s just the beginning.  The Hudson River itself, from sunrise to sunset, has a way of revealing its countless, breathtaking vistas from a seemingly infinite number of vantage points.  You’ll see her beauty from most all of the Phelps Hospital campus, including many of the patient rooms.

Take Manhattan
Whether you own a car or prefer public transportation, the geography of this region offers endless, easy-to-access opportunities for adventure and discovery.  Of course, Manhattan, the world’s most vibrant city, some 30 miles south, has been known to beckon the spirit as well.  A relaxing train ride along the Hudson River delivers you to Grand Central Terminal in less than 45 minutes.

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